How to Avoid the Accordion Effect

Many people can lose weight and gain weight easily and this effect is not at all good for their body and their health, but how to avoid the Accordion effect? See important tips!

We call Accordion effect the process of fattening and losing weight repeatedly, which is not healthy and also causes stretch marks, cellulite and an unwanted effect on your body. But if losing weight is possible with a healthy diet and exercise, how to maintain weight after finishing the diet and lose weight?

There are many ways to avoid this gain and constant weight loss, so you should keep an eye on the balance and follow some tips.

Tips for ending the accordion effect

It is no good to make a good diet and lose the desired pounds if you will gain everything back or even gain weight even more. Here’s how to make sure your weight stays optimal even after you lose weight:

1 – Do not do strict diets

The famous miracle diets that deprive your body of many foods work well for a short period, but as soon as you can not put up with this regimen, you will want to eat everything you stopped eating at this time, making you fat again. Always prefer a good dietary reeducation and diets that allow a greater variety of foods, always accompanied by a professional.

2 – Eat in small quantities and at the correct time

Eating foods every three hours in small amounts and always at certain times helps your metabolism to process the fats better, as well as giving you more satiety so you do not get too hungry at the time of another meal. Then make a schedule, especially for the main meals of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

3 – Learn to eat your favorite treats

You do not have to cut off your favorite treats from your food, but knowing how to eat them in small amounts and every other day will not change your weight. What is no use is always avoid and leave to eat everything you like on a weekend, then there should be fatten everything you lost in the week in just one day.

4 – Use of vegetables

It’s not because you are not wanting to lose more weight that will leave the vegetables and vegetables aside. Always include them in your meals, because they have fibers and give that feeling of satiation, and, of course, help in health.

5 – Drink lots of water

If during the diet the rule was already drinking water, continue like this. Water helps circulation, cleanses the body, improves the appearance of the skin and helps with weight loss, since everything will work better.

What’s more, chew your food thoroughly, exercise regularly, and eat a variety of foods so your body gets all the nutrients it needs.

With small tips it is possible to avoid the accordion effect and maintain the ideal weight to have a healthier life and body in shape. And you, what do you do to prevent this terrible concertina effect?

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