Does Biotin Cause Acne? One Problem You Need To Know

Are you using biotin to help you keep your hair healthy and your nails strong? Or you’re using it to keep your cardiovascular system healthy?

Well, there are so many surprising health benefits of biotin, but whatever your reason is I have to warn you – it can often lead to acne breakouts. And if you are currently experiencing it yourself, you should know that you are not alone.

But let me clear things out, biotin should not be getting all the blame! So in this article, we will try to answer another question how does biotin cause acne? Is there any prevention we can make so our skin won’t be breaking out?

Keep on reading below to find out the answer.

What Exactly Biotin Is?

But before we start diving into various facts, let’s discuss first what Biotin is.

This supplement is also known as Vitamin B7 and actually belongs to the family of Vitamin B. It has been proven to be important for various health reasons such as keeping your blood sugar levels steady, supporting neurological functions and keeping the wellness of your nail, hair, and of course – your skin!

There are actually a number of researchers that show how helpful biotin is in addressing most of our skin issues. Some research even points out how effective it is in stopping hair loss and thinning. And since the body cannot produce biotin, we need to get it from our regular diet and taking biotin supplements.

Now, if this is the case, why are some people claiming they experienced acne breakout after taking the supplement. How does biotin cause acne?

Is Biotin Causing Your Acne Breakout

There are actually no studies that have proven or clearly determine yet the link between biotin and acne. So most of the experts are still debating whether biotin is causing the acne breakouts of a user or they actually can help improve your present skin condition.

Especially that there are people reporting that their acne started popping out after taking biotin while some are saying the supplement has helped them clear out their pimples.

Well, if we take a closer look at the effects of biotin, there’s a great chance that this supplement can really do both but this will likely depend on the chemistry of your skin. In most cases, acne happens when your level of Vitamin B5 is low.

Unfortunately, Biotin competes with Vitamin B5 since both vitamins are opposite of one another. This means when you increase your biotin intake, you will likely decrease the amount of Vitamin B5 present in your body. This will then lead to your acne flaring up!

So what are we supposed to do now that we are struggling with acne? I recommend that you supplement with Vitamin B5 when you’re taking biotin. But don’t get me wrong! This is not your ticket to popping as man biotin as you like. Taking large doses of this supplement can be harmful to your skin too!

The recommended dosage is 2,500 mg or lesser, to help you stop acne from breaking out. I suggest that you also keep yourself well hydrated while taking biotin. And if acne occurs, make sure you use the best aloe vera gel to fight that pimple!

How Can You Stop Acne From Breaking Out When Taking Biotin?

If you want to continue your biotin supplement for whatever reasons you have, you can try the tips below to stop a pimple from popping out your skin.

Make sure both vitamins don’t compete with each other. As I already mentioned, it is recommended to supplement with Vitamin B5 so both biotin and Vitamin B5 will not be competing with each other.

But you have to make sure you discuss this with your physician. Ask him the right dosage for your medical condition and make sure he clears you out from any health issues that these supplements might worsen.

Make sure you have the right eating plan. It would be best if you add protein to your diet as well as Vitamins C, A, and other essential fatty acids. Foods that are rich in protein can help you restore healthy production of cells in your hair, nails, and skin.

Lean meats, chicken, and eggs are the best foods you can begin with. Vitamin A, on the other hand, is great for both skin and hair while Vitamin C can be used to boost your collagen production.

Make sure you have a solid skincare routine. Taking supplements won’t do any good your skin if you don’t have a healthy routine of taking care your skin.

Spend some time to clean your face before you go to sleep at night and use a moisturizer. Look for the skin care products that are appropriate for your skin type.

Also, you can eat foods that are rich in biotin, like eggs, instead of taking supplements. I haven’t heard anyone who had acne break out after eating eggs, have you? There are still so many foods that come with biotin, this includes nuts, grains and some species of fish. Avocado and cauliflower are also good choices.

For me eating a healthy diet like foods that are rich in biotin is still the best way to keep your skin healthy. This approach might take you some time, but taking this slow might be the best idea to achieve your goals.

Final Thought

Now that we learn how does biotin cause acne, I know you’re starting to ask yourself, “How can something so good causes you bad things”. Biotin is just like how creatine is causing our acne breakouts; so good and effective for the boy but so bad for the skin. Well, it doesn’t have necessary be, as long as you will be taking this supplement into moderation.