Top 5 Fat Burning Exercises You Can Do At Home

Some people don’t like going to a gym for a number of reasons. Many of them don’t have time or money, others simply don’t like the ambience. Are you one of those? There is good new for you! There are fat burning exercises you can do at home without a gym membership or equipment. This can help you to save time and money.

The best workouts typically include moves that engage multiple large muscle groups. You can always take a simple move and turn it into a more efficient one. While there are a lot of workout alternatives available, the best kind of training to lose fat fast is a high-intensity interval training.

Remember that when creating your workout plan. What exercises for fat loss should you include in your home workout routine? Here are the top 5 fat burning exercises you can do at home.

1- Jumping Lunges :

Jumping lunges are amazing because they are high toning. Burning fat was never easier! Add jumping lunges to your workout routine for a powerful calorie and fat burning. Moreover, this exercise is perfect for a lower body and is easy to do because you don’t need any equipment.

It will help you to tone your legs, tights and butt muscles. Jumping lunges offer muscle toning benefits and cardio at the same time, making it one of the best exercises for fat loss. How to do jumping lunges correctly? Here is how :

Step forward so that one of your foot is about 3-4 feet in front of the other foot
Drop down in a lunge, keeping your front knee above the ankle and your back knee almost touching the floor
Jump hard straight up, while switching the position of your feet as soon as they leave the ground
When you land on the ground with your feet, they should be at the initial position but with the opposite foot in front.
Repeat this move for your defined period of time making few sets.

2- Jumping Squats:

Jumping squats is another good fat burning exercise you can easily do at home. Similarly, as doing jumping lunges, you don’t need any equipment and you can choose the intensity, repetitions and amount of sets that suits you. Jumping squats are challenging but very efficient and good for toning your lower body.

The purpose of doing jumping squats is to burn a lot of calories, lose body fat, tone your legs and butt and build strength. This exercise is included in various workouts for professional training and sports, such as football, basketball, and soccer. To do jumping squats correctly follow these steps :

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
Make a squat
Don’t forget to stick your butt out, similarly as if you are sitting in a chair
Keep your knees in a position to not go past your toes
Push up through the heels, using all your power to jump straight up
Land and lower back into an initial squatting position
Repeat the exercise for your defined period of time making few sets.

3- Push Ups :

Push ups are very popular and are included in many different workout routines. Not without a reason! Push ups are a whole body exercise, they can be easily adjusted and modified, you don’t need any equipment. They also can be challenging, even to the advanced exercises. The purpose of doing push ups is to increase your body strength and to tone your body.

This amazing exercise can help you lose fat fast and for life. Push ups are very beneficial to muscles of your upper body and help to burn calories quickly. Here is how to do push ups correctly :

While you are on your hands and knees, put your hands a bit wider than shoulder width
Extend your legs straight back and bring your knees up off the ground
You weight should be evenly dispersed between your bands and toes
Drop your hips keeping your back flat, letting your body make a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles
Maintain this straight line of your body
Bend at your elbows and lower your body to the ground as low as possible, without touching it or breaking the straight line of your body
Slowly press back until your arms are straight
Repeat the push ups for your defined period of time making few sets.

4- Mountain Climbers :

Mountain climbers are very challenging but very powerful. They are one of the best body toning and fat burning exercises and don’t require any equipment. The purpose of the mountain climbers is to burn calories, to lose fat fast, to strengthen your abs, arms, but and quadriceps.

You should include mountain climbers in your workout routine if you want to lose weight, to tone your core or for rapid fat loss. You can adjust this exercise to match your fitness level. Follow these steps when doing mountain climbers :

Take a push-up position
Holding the position, bring one of your knees up as far underneath your body and towards your chest as possible
At the top of the movement, let your foot tap the ground for a moment
Push off the ground with your both feet at the same time
Switch the positions of your legs so that the opposite food is not tapping the ground under your body, keeping the other leg straight and extended
Keep the movement continuous
Continue switching your legs without dropping out of the initial position
Repeat the movement for your defined period of time making few sets

5- Jumping Jacks :

Jumping jacks exercise is a perfect cardio and very helpful for a rapid fat loss. Jumping jacks are included in many fat burning workouts because they are very easy to do and don’t require any equipment. This exercise is often overlooked, although it has been around for a very long time.

Jumping jacks have different versions and has even been used in U.S. Military for a basic training. This exercise will elevate your heart rate, making you lose calories. Try to add it in between your straight training exercises to maximize fat burning effect. Here is how to do these amazing jacks :

Stand with your feet together and your arms by your sides
Jump, spreading your feet and raising your arms
Land with your legs spread around 2-3 feet apart and your arms over the head
Jump again but this time coming back to the initial position
Repeat the exercise for the defined period of time making few sets

You can create your own exercise routine and workout plan combining these top fat burning exercises above. You can also include additional fat burning exercises in your routine. Remember, that the best and the most effective of the fat loss tips is to eat healthy food and control your calorie intake in addition to fat burning workouts.

Your fat burning exercises will not help you to lose fat if you eat processed and junk food, because your muscles will be covered by the layer of fat. In result, you will be doing your fat burning exercises but because of the bad eating habits, your body will not look fit as you expect. Eat and exercise your way to a healthy, fit and beautiful body!