Being Healthy is more than just losing weight

Losing weight is just the start to being healthy. In fact being healthy is actually a life style and you will need to maintain it if you want to be healthy and stay that way.

Keeping ourselves healthy is the most important thing we can do if we want to even stay alive. With all the diseases and other health-related problems that can strike at our organism if our immune system is failing, the necessity of being healthy is something that you shouldn’t ignore one bit.

Of course, for overweight and obese people, the health risks are often much bigger and so keeping healthy is a very important, even life-saving decision. For example, a person who had his or her body mass index calculated to be 37 on the BMI chart (BMI is calculated via person’s weight in kilograms divided by their the square of their height in meters, or kg/m2) falls down into “obese” category and runs a higher risk of developing many health issues, such as high blood sugar, diabetes, high pressure, heart diseases and many more, then a person who’s BMI is between the medically recommended 18,5-25 on the BMI chart.

As such, losing weight is one of the most important, but also hardest decisions you can make. However, it is not something that you should walk blindly into. The best course of action here is not to start starving yourself with some Internet diet. Instead, you should pay a visit to your physician and consult with him about how you should proceed when it comes to losing weight. The doctor will then help you make a better decision what you have to do and if you are even healthy enough to start a diet and an exercise program.

However, you should keep in mind that there is a lot more to being healthy than just losing a couple of kilograms. In fact, losing weight to fast, as some diets will recommend is not even healthy and actually risks your health. This is why doctors and nutrition experts strongly recommend that you don’t attempt to lose more than a kilogram per week. Anything more than this and you will actually be putting your body into danger.

A lot of diets you can find on the Internet, or in the magazines are based on introducing a much lower amount of calories than you would normally do. While it is true that you should aim to get into the lower calories list, these diets are often not the way to go if you want to lose weight. Why? Well, because, while they can help you lose kilograms rather fast, they are also potentially dangerous to your health. In fact, some of the risks involved with these diets include cannibalizing your muscle tissue (as there is no more fat stored, your body will use the next best thing for energy, your muscles) and deficiency in some important nutrients. In fact, the longer you go on with one of these diets, the harder it will be for you to continue losing weight as your metabolism will get slower. Eventually, you will find that you have reached a limit to how much weight you have lost and, after some time, will even start regaining weight.

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