Soaring To New Fitness Heights – Go From Regular To Hiit Workout

Lets face it, working out is a bit demanding and most people don’t find it easy. For those who do, working out becomes less strenuous with time. They may therefore want to find, more difficult exercises. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can be a good choice. Some of the methods that have been established to make work out sessions a little bit harder so as to serve as HIIT are discussed below. HIIT is an emerging trend in the world of working out.

This trend has been a positive one this is because the training is strenuous thus pushing the person to the limit by incorporating several forms of exercises in a limited period of time. This exercises enables a person to burn calories within a short period of time. For people who are adventurous, a HIIT routine is the best for them and a person’s creativity can come alive since they can create their own HIIT routine. HIIT;

1) Increase The Body Tempo
This works well with less strenuous exercises that does not involve lifting of weights or other exercises that may create resistance in the body. In this kind of exercises one gives themselves a goal over a given interval of time. Say move from 10 repetitions to 11 then to 12. The aim in this case is usually to maintain the body in good shape. One must also be keen to ensure one utilizes the target muscles. Their whole body and mind should also be focused on the exercises so that one does not lose their body control or body balance. With time one can increase the intensity of their exercise so that they become more complex.

2) Using Weights as a Challenge
In any exercise, one can add a weight to it. To start with however it is prudent for somebody to know what works out for them. Whenever one is in doubt he or she should try out a lighter weight and then add up on these weights as one practices further. Existing information also comes in handy for instance kickboxing and lunges usually don’t require more than about 8 to 10 pounds. Squats on the other hand, require about 10 to 15 pounds. One can also decide to use weighted gloves, weighted vests, wrist weights or resistance tubes. The aim should be to continuously challenge oneself to ensure they remain on track and that their routine is progressive.

3) Incorporating Various Exercises
A person exercising should engage as many muscles as possible. This is because muscle exercises use up oxygen, thus increasing the heart beat rate. One should push the body to the limit by using their lower and also their upper body. For instance, one can decide to combine their lungs and biceps or decide to step on a platform as they do lateral arm raises. Kickbacks in a plank position can also work out for them.

4) Strenuous Body Movements
In this case the whole idea is to ensure the participant goes through the whole range of body motions according to the current state of their body flexibility, using up more energy in doing an activity for instance, doing jumping jacks, lifting one’s arms until their fingers touch over their head can also be a good idea. As one does a move for example a repeater, they may decide to do a push off using their leg using a lot of force so that they get a little lift from the surface they are stepping on.

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5) Reducing The Recovery Time
There is usually no specific period needed for recovery. This time usually varies from as little as 10 seconds and as much as 90 seconds. This depends highly on the exercise which one is engaged in and the amount of energy used up in doing the exercise. When one decides to reduce their recovery time, they add a cardiovascular load before their heart has even had a chance to take a low dip.

6) Taking Up More Challenging Balancing Exercises
An exercise that adds an extra balance component usually engages more body muscles, as one tries to stabilize themselves. This keeps the heart working harder to maintain the tempo. Possible ideas of this exercise are doing squats on top of a Bosu ball, doing a couple of bicep curls as they stand on one leg, doing a one arm row using a leg lift or also one can decide to use a weight on only one side of their body.

7) Doing Partial Movements
Partials are motions take through a fraction of ones range of motion for instance 45 degrees for a squat instead of 90 degrees. This forces the person to control their muscles at points that they are likely to be weak, so that in the process they add strength to them. This exercise usually provides a high cardiovascular challenge on the body.

8) Incorporating Two Exercises
Such a practice that incorporates two exercises is known as a superset. In this case, it concentrates on opposing or muscle groups that are not opposing. As one does these exercises there is usually no time allowed to take a rest. For example doing a chest press then push ups or doing biceps curls which are then followed by doing triceps extensions. These exercises increase body oxygen consumption rate, burning of calories and also increases the heart beat rate. Doing away with rest time also means that work out faster is completed faster.

9) Adopting Eccentric Exercises
Eccentric exercises involve working the body in the negative direction. This means that the body’s muscles are worked as they lengthen rather than working them out as they shorten. For instance, in a bicep curl, the positive body movement is as one moves the weight towards their chest while on the other hand eccentric part of the exercise is when one lowers their body weight back. Eccentric usually keep the body muscles under tension thus increasing the difficulty of the exercise and in the process produce better body growth.

So that a workout routine works out properly, it is prudent to adopt HIIT. It is advisable for a one to get of their comfort zone by embracing tougher exercises and with time, the results will be very evident since one is likely to achieve a lot in terms of improvement of their general body health.

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