How To Lose Weight Fast From Home

How To Lose Weight Fast From Home

Your success on how to lose weight fast will more often than not come down to a matter of a few calories, and even as little as 100 calories in your daily diet can spell the difference between flabby and fabulous.

Of course, losing weight needs not to do anything drastic like on how to lose weight fast without pills, or taking strenuous fitness programs but by simply monitoring your intake.

Measure the amount of calories you eat daily. Guessing will do more harm than good, since wrong assumptions can be disastrous to your diet. Next is to figure out your body fat percentage since losing body fat is synonymous to looking great.

Recap: Now that you have monitored your intake, measured your body fat percentage and had your goals set, it is time to eat healthy and have you looking great and feeling great in a matter of weeks.

A good method on how to lose weight fast at home is to follow these simple steps as they provide some helpful notes on how to lose weight fast and easy. Always remember that healthy habits don’t happen overnight and patience is its own reward.

1. Small frequent meals throughout the day

Eat meals every 3 hours, approximately 5-6 meals throughout the day to get your metabolism moving and metabolizing fat at a fast rate. Since your body can only take a certain amount of calories and nutrients and store the excess as body fat, small meals are recommended and approximately 200-500 calories per meal are adequate when taken throughout the day.

People often erroneously think that starving themselves will help them lose weight, unfortunately starving yourself will only cause your body to hold onto the fat to preserve itself and gives up fluid and lean muscle mass instead. Though you may have lost weight, and that’s not a healthy habit. Remember that what we teach here is always about on how to lose weight fast and safe.

2. More Lean Proteins and Complex Carbs. Less White Flour and Refined Sugar

Significantly, the most important food groups you need to include in your diet should be rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates as they contain vital nutrients, as well as essential amino acids necessary to keep your stamina up and maintain, develop and tone your lean muscle mass as it is important to maintain your muscle when losing fat.

Instead, stay away from white flour and refined sugar at all cost as they both do so many terrible things to your figure, not to mention your health. Not only does it gets stored in the adipose tissues, too much of it will even hinder your metabolism, spike your blood sugar levels causing hyperglycemia and cause diabetes.

3. Eat unsaturated fats and avoid saturated fats

Unsaturated Fats, high density lipoproteins, are essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6, and should consist of 15-20% of your daily intake. Since they naturally occur in foods found in nuts, plant oils, seeds, and fish, they provide many important functions:

They improve overall energy for better workouts and increase the ability to metabolize fat. They slow down carbs being released into the bloodstream, which helps to prevent blood sugar spiking. They also prevent against hormonal food cravings or binge eating. Conversely, avoid saturated fats as they are hazardous to your health: They can lead to cardiovascular diseases, heart problems, cancers and an increase in low density lipoproteins, bad cholesterols responsible for arthrosclerosis and arteriosclerosis.

4. Shift dairy calories to lean protein calories and shift fruits to vegetables.

Dairy is less thermic, meaning when you eat dairy, you burn less calories. Vegetables on the other hand, have a higher thermic effect and help with digestion.

5. Go with Carbs.

Again, some people erroneously believe that high protein and low carbohydrate diets can make them lose weight. Not only is this erroneous, it is actually one of the worse things you could do since carbohydrates should consist 30-50% of your daily consumption. Incidentally, cutting down to 30-40% carbs, shouldn’t be done for more than a month if you also have a workout regimen as carbohydrates are necessary for the energy you will need to lose fat. In retrospect, many elite athletes and Olympians even raise their carbs up to 60-70% during training to help lose even more weight.

6. Zig-Zag your food sources as well as your calories.

It is important to keep your body guessing when it comes to its food intake. The more variety you give your diet, the more your body will try to stabilize and further speed up your metabolism.

According to exercise physiologists William McArdle and Frank Katch, for best results, you should also shift the total amount of calories on a daily basis. To maintain their current body composition, the average caloric maintenance level for men is between 2700-2900 calories daily, while for women it is 2000-2100 calories daily.

In order to lose fat, McArdle and Katch recommends spending 2-3 days dropping an average of 15-20% of your average maintenance level.

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