9 Best Non-Traditional Fat Loss Workouts

Many people know how to lose fat: going to a gym or exercising at home and eating healthy. That is true, however, sometimes traditional workouts become boring and people lose motivation to continue.

Good news is there are various non-traditional but very effective fat loss workouts. They are more fun and interesting and they can easily become a part of your lifestyle. You might want to try one of them and maybe you will fall in love with exercise again! Seriously, there are a lot of interesting training routines out there; and you should never get bored by doing exercise.

Workout #1: Swimming

Many people love swimming but they rarely consider swimming as a serious fat loss workout.

Swimming is an amazing full body workout that affects your muscles in a different way than most resistance and fat burning exercises do. Swimming few times per week can significantly improve your fitness level and health.

The best swimming style for your fat loss goals is sprint swimming. Sprint swimming can help to build a lean muscle faster than long distance swimming.

How to swim correctly? For sprint swimming exercise, swim as hard as possible to the other side of a 25-50-meter pool or similar distance outdoors in a lake or sea. After that, rest for about 30 seconds and repeat again. Try to not make your rest time longer than 30 seconds.

Workout #2: Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a fun way to exercise. It’s never boring because it’s quite challenging physically and mentally. While outdoor rock or mountain climbing can be more challenging and interesting, indoor rock climbing is raising in popularity. Many gyms offer indoor rock climbing these days.

Rock climbing is a powerful fat burning workout and it will also tone your shoulders, arms, your entire back, and legs. Moreover, you will get stronger!

Workout #3: Wild Dancing Workouts

How to lose fat? Dance! Intense dancing is one of the most effective, most fun and least boring fat loss workouts ever. There are a lot of dancing styles you might want to try.

One of the most popular dancing workouts is Zumba. Many gyms offer Zumba programs these days. Truth is, this dancing workout is not even a dance but a fitness program that includes some dance movements.

But that makes it very effective for those who want to lose weight or fat. If you are not into gyms and fitness programs, but you enjoy extraordinary things, you might want to try belly dancing. Belly dancing is a popular type of dancing and can help you to lose fat fast. Belly dancing is not as effective as Zumba but it has its advantages, not to mention that it is extremely beautiful.

Want to try something new? Then you might want to try Hip Hop dancing. Hip Hop is vigorous, intense, very fun and can help you lose fat and weight.

If you like elegance, try ballet. Ballet dancing is perfect for you if you want to strengthen your tights, butt, legs, back and abdomen. Moreover, you can even practice it if you are pregnant.

Workout #4: Stair Workouts

While dancing workouts or rock climbing workouts typically require a lot of time and some money, stair workout is perfect for you if you don’t have the time or budget for exercise. Stair are everywhere! Interesting, that there are entire fat loss workouts which are built on the basis of stair exercises. Stair workouts are great because they affect the full body, and help to lose fat fast.

Try to do stair workouts with a high intensity. This will not only burn your body fat but also help to build a lean muscle.

Workout #5: Outdoor or Indoor Cycling

Cycling is a high-intensity workout followed by some recovery periods. Outdoor cycling is extremely fun because you can enjoy various views and nature around you. You can also try mountain biking, which is very vigorous and will make you lose fat fast.

If you don’t have a possibility to do outdoor cycling, try indoor cycling, also knows as spinning. Spinning fat loss workouts are intense and will make you lose fat, tone your lower body and make your legs and butt look just perfect.

Workout #6: Different Types of Yoga

Yoga is extremely popular in many countries and not without a reason! There are a lot of cozy yoga studios and yoga types out there. You should definitely give it a try.

If you love being outdoors, you may like hiking yoga. Hiking yoga is about hiking around your city or town and doing some yoga while you stop in a beautiful place with a breathtaking view. If you like water activities, then you probably should try a paddleboard yoga. This fun type of yoga is about exercising on a paddleboard in the middle of the sea or an ocean.

Sounds fun? For those who get bored really fast, the best type of yoga is pop up yoga which involves doing yoga all the time in different places! Constantly changing workout environment will make your exercise routine anything but boring.

Is yoga efficient enough to burn fat? The short answer is yes. However, everything depends on the intensity and frequency of the workout. If you want to lose fat faster, opt for power yoga. It is more intense and offers all the fat burning potential. This is because traditional yoga is more focused on breathing, while power yoga is focused on active, vigorous movements. Yoga can be the favorite of your fat loss workouts.

Workout #7: Rope Jumping

Rope jumping is extremely intense and powerful fat burning workout. It is one of the easiest and most effective exercises for fat loss. You can take your rope and jump in the park, in your room or at the beach.

Rope jumping can provide a great aerobic workout if you do it correctly. It can also add more definition to your shoulders and legs.

Jumping rope burns a lot of calories, more than most of the workouts. However, it is difficult to jump rope for too long periods of time. This requires skills and patience. Moreover, it is not good to use rope jumping for too long because it can damage your lower leg, joints or hips.

Workout #8: Aerial Acrobatics

Aerial acrobatics or dancing is a completely new way to get fit and burn fat. It is extremely fun and it is a perfect fit for those who love adventures. You will literally learn to fly! Aerial acrobatics is getting more and more popular these days and is included in the fitness programs of many modern gyms.

Aerial acrobatics will affect your whole body and enhance your strength. Unlike various traditional fat loss workouts, aerial acrobatics is a continuous act without rest periods, improving your stamina and endurance.

Workout #9: Home Activities and Playing with Kids

If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, you probably don’t have time to do aerial acrobatics or belly dancing.

There is good news for you! House cleaning and organizing, playing with kids and shopping can help you to achieve your rapid fat loss goals. Being physically active every day doesn’t mean that you have to sweat in a gym and use special equipment or do traditional fat loss workouts. Just try to be more active when playing with your kids or cleaning the house and you will burn calories and fat.

Don’t have kids? You might want to play with your dog more frequently and take your mascot for long and fast walks. Walking the dog will help you to lose body fat and stay fit if you just try to make it more intense, dynamic and challenging.

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