5 Great Spa Treatments to Help You Lose Weight

The weight loss process isn’t easy for most people. While some have the iron will needed to gain or shed pounds in nanoseconds (see: actors like Christian Bale and Renee Zellweger), the vast majority of us don’t have too much trouble putting weight on. But taking it off again is another story. The problem stems from many sources. First, we have access to all kinds of food and our bodies are designed to pack on the pounds as a natural self-defense against times of famine. Unfortunately, it’s also easy and inexpensive to live off of processed and pre-packaged foods that load us up with sugar, sodium, fat, and preservatives, none of which bode well for our weight loss prospects. Then there is the sedentary lifestyle of modern man to contend with, not to mention demands on our time that leave us with little rest and a lot of stress. In short, it’s no wonder that we have such a hard time losing weight. But if you’re trying to do everything you can to shed unwanted pounds, you might want to consider getting a few relaxing spa treatments to supplement your diet and exercise regimen. Here are some that might actually help you along on your weight loss journey.

Body wrap.

If we’re being honest, having a technician wrap you up like a mummy in elastic soaked in mineral water is not actually going to produce miraculous weight loss results, so don’t walk in thinking you’re going to leave five pounds lighter. What body wraps will do is help you sweat out some water and toxins, potentially ridding you of a few extra ounces. More useful, however, is the fact that this treatment can smooth and tighten skin. And we all know that looking great can be an intoxicating motivational force, perhaps offering just the pick-me-up you need to get past a plateau or strengthen your resolve to avoid holiday treats.

Mud bath.

The detoxifying effects of a mud bath can help you in a couple of ways when it comes to weight loss. Like body wraps, they’ll leave your skin looking flawless and glowing. In addition, this therapy can help to pull impurities from your body, making you feel like a million bucks. When you’re run down and over-stressed, you might not feel like hitting the gym or snacking on carrot sticks, so schedule this spa treatment that will rejuvenate and energize you.


If you’ve spent any time in a sauna then you know that even a short session can have you pouring out buckets of sweat. This can force you to shed water weight like gangbusters, helping you to deal with bloating, for one thing. But when you pair the practice with plenty of water consumption, you’ll be surprised to find that the water goes right through you, flushing your system and taking toxins with it.


You’re probably a little skeptical about the ability of massage to help you lose weight. It certainly helps you to relax and eases aches and pains associated with muscle tension, but that’s hardly going to create results on the scale. Or will it? When you’re relaxed you’re going to sleep better, and this can regulate levels of hormones responsible for hunger and satiety, potentially helping to control your appetite. In addition, working out the kinks may lead to more productive exercise sessions.

All-inclusive retreats.

Many spas are beginning to offer treatments aimed at more than relaxation; they want to provide their patrons with health, wellness, and weight loss options. And while you may only have time for a massage in Lexington, MA or a facial in Beverly Hills, if you can manage to work in a weekend or even a multi-day retreat that includes food, exercise, and spa treatments as part of an overall plan for weight loss, you’re going to see the best possible results.

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