How to Stay Fit and Strong While You’re Pregnant

During any pregnancy, you will undoubtedly gain some healthy, natural, and necessary weight. However, this weight gain doesn’t mean you cannot keep your body fit and strong throughout the process. Keeping up an appropriate diet and exercise routine is actually much safer and healthier for both you and baby, plus it will help you to look and feel your very best. In addition, regular exercise can help your body to release hormones, increasing endorphin levels and leaving you feeling much more balanced and happy. Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle during your entire pregnancy.

The first thing all pregnant women should do is consult a doctor or healthcare physician about a safe, healthy exercise plan. A doctor will be able to recommend ideal exercises as well as deter you from activities that may be harmful to you or the baby. This way you will feel confident about your diet and exercise plans and know that you are treating your body and your baby kindly and properly.

If you are an avid exerciser, you can still do most of the activities you love, just however you may need to cut back on the intensity. This is not the time to work extra hard at the gym and train like you’re working towards a marathon. Take it easy and be sure to listen to your body so that you know what feels good and what is pushing your limits too far.

Consider taking up yoga.

Yoga comes in various forms and styles so you can find a yoga that fits your fitness needs throughout each stage of your pregnancy. Early on you may be able to do a more vigorous vinyasa workout, however there are also restorative and pre-natal yoga classes available to you later on in your pregnancy. Yoga instructors will be able to help you to modify poses so that you are not on your belly or doing anything harmful.

Stay toned.

During a pregnancy there are plenty of exercises you can do, even from the comfort of your own home to keep your muscles engaged and strengthened. Light weight lifting is a great way to get to your arm muscles. You can try to incorporate core-strengthening exercises into your routine as well such as “planks”. These exercises will help you to feel more strong and lifted throughout your pregnancy, so that baby belly won’t weigh you down. Additionally it is helpful to do exercises that will help to strengthen your pelvic floor since these will support your growing belly and also help you in the delivery room as well. Focus on your glutes and core regions for the best results.

Pregnancy is a stressful and busy time. You likely have little time to think of issues like cord tissue and diapers, let alone exercising regularly. All of these tips will help to ensure that you stay fit and strong throughput your pregnancy. Whether you are a frequent exerciser or a novice, all women can improve the condition of their bodies during pregnancy.