Types of Liquid Diet for Losing Weight

Liquid diet is the most effective way to reduce weight. Most of the people opt for various processes for losing weight. They change their lifestyle and follow an exercise regime for losing weight. The latest trend of a liquid diet is gaining popularity due to its effective results. These diets are said to be the safest diet to lose weight on a permanent basis. Overweight can lead to various side effects like heart diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. These diseases can lead to various medical complications and can also lead to death.

Along with a perfect diet, it is essential to follow some regular exercises. For losing weight just a single process does not work. It has to be two or three processes together for showing its best results. Like, consuming diet only is not helpful but if you take a low calorie diet along with few exercise patterns, it can surely show best results. The same thing is with the liquid diet. Opt for some exercises like jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, and few other exercises for carrying a well toned body.

Liquid diet consists of reduced number of calories in it. The basic rule of weight loss is, if you eat less calories and burn them more then there are higher chances of you losing weight. Liquid diet do have a long term benefit and it only depends on how you maintain your body. Researchers have found that the diet, which include both the solid food and liquids can help the overweight or obese people to control their calorie intake, thus reducing weight in a safe way.

Liquid diets are the best for detoxifying the whole body as they clean the impurities. While all the impurities are thrown out, the body loses weight. All the toxins and the fat deposits are also thrown out, thus making you feel light. Most of the liquids contain about 400 to 800 calories in them. While, for losing one pound of weight, you have to shed 3500 calories, thus liquid diet serves best for reducing weight as it have less calories in it.

How does Liquid Diet Works?

Liquid diet is a diet which contains more of juicy fruit juices along with some vegetables and salads. In this diet you are not allowed to eat any kind of junk food. Hence, you have to stay focused on your goal so that you can easily achieve it. The simple logic behind this diet is that when it does not have any excess amount of calories in it, the body automatically starts utilizing the deposited fat in the body. Thus the fat level is reduced and you start losing weight. A great amount of energy is lost in liquid diet and hence you might observe a rapid weight loss.
The liquid diet consist of protein shakes for any two meals of your day. This will help in reducing the blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar. Experts say that eating the liquid diet is beneficial but eating this diet on a frequent basis is necessary. This means you should have short and frequent liquid diet, as you would be losing energy quickly when you are undergoing liquid diet process.

Types of Liquid Diet

Smoothies and Juice

Juices works the best when used as a liquid diet meal. They have all the essential nutrients and vitamins, which not only give them energy but also help them to stay full for a longer period. The juices are rich in fiber and proteins which help in reducing the calorie intake and result into weight loss. In health food stores, you will find some juices, which are specially made for people who wish to lose weight. These juices can help you to stay healthy and active for the whole day. While you make juice for yourself at home, see to it that you do not add any type of preservative or sugar in it, as they can increase the calorie intake.

Meal Replacement

This is the type of liquid diet where you can replace either one or two meals with liquid diet rather than skipping all the meals. In such a type of liquid weight loss diet, it is advisable to eat heavy for your lunch time and replace your dinner with a liquid diet. It is believed that the dinner meal is the meal that has to be light for easy digestion. Eating a heavy meal during lunch won’t harm your body, as there would be enough time for your body to burn these extra calories.


Staggered type of liquid diet is where you would be selecting certain days from a week to consume only a liquid form of food. Such type of meal is also effective for weight loss.

All Vegetarian

You can consume a meal that is purely vegetarian during the liquid diet weight loss plan. You are not allowed to drink any prepackaged shakes and smoothies. Do not drink any meat soup during the liquid diet period. You can drink vegetable juices, fruit juices, and some lentil soups for showing some effective results on the body.

Advantages of Liquid Diets

The liquid diet results in weight loss of about 3-4 pounds per week. This rapid reduction in the weight is the main advantage of a liquid diet. The fruit juice, fruits, vegetable juices, and lentil soups are higher in vitamins, minerals and also give energy to the body for carrying daily activities.

During the liquid diet process, the body burns out the fat rapidly and makes the people feel full for long time and gain the energy simultaneously. This process also aids in keeping the digestive system healthy and active.

Disadvantages of Liquid Diets

The juices given in liquid diet are higher in vitamins and minerals, but they are deficient in proteins and essential fats. Thus, it can cause constipation and dizziness too if not combined with a one time meal. The deficiency of protein can result into the muscle loss that cannot be gained back.

All the low calorie diets can slower the body’s metabolism rate. This is not a good sign as a slow metabolism can make you gain weight easily once you start eating the normal diet. Hence, it is necessary to maintain a proper well balanced liquid diet to lose weight in a healthy way.

The liquid diet weight loss is the best way to detoxify your body and stay healthy.