The Upside and Downside of Using Fat Blockers

It’s in our human nature that we are never completely happy with what we have or who we are! The poor wants to be rich, the weak wants to become powerful, the fat wants to be slim and vice versa. Every now and then we hear that some new technique has been discovered for weight loss. The term or technique which has been in the spotlight is carb or fat-blockers. The issue is that there’s an upside and downside of using Fat-blockers for long periods of time.

First, we need to understand what carb-blockers are and how do they work. Fat blocking supplements supplements are no match to natural procedures, which definitely are more intense and time-consuming, so we won’t be wrong to assume that these fat-blockers might have some darker side too. But let’s just first know what these really are and how do they benefit us (If they do really benefit us!)

Many say that carb blockers do not come with a huge sack of side effects as it made of natural ingredients. It is said that these pills allow you to eat carbs without having to face the dire consequences. Now that, certainly sounds too good to be true and pops the red flag in your mind. Most of these supplements are made of Phaseolus Vulgaris, more commonly known as the Kidney Bean. This enzyme prevents carbohydrates from being absorbed by the body completely. We all know that each nutrient has a different function. Protein helps with muscle growth, whereas fat provides essential nutrients to cells in order to sustain them. The carbs work as fuel to keep the body running but when the fuel is not needed, the Glycogen (Carbohydrates are converted to Glycogen) is converted to fat. These fat-blockers eliminate this last procedure and halt your body to accept unwanted carbs, hence draining them out of your body completely.

Now this doesn’t sound bad at all, does it? It all feels like everything will happen on its own and you won’t need to bother about any diet plan! This is too good to be true, right? Factually, we do not have enough evidence to prove that these supplements are totally worth it or not.. They haven’t been in use for long and as a result nothing substantial can be derived from their use. Also, most of these blockers have been animal tested and not much clinical testing has taken place to justify their use. So you might say that they work great on mice but humans; nothing conclusive can be established!

Carbohydrates are body’s most primary energy source and you shouldn’t jeopardize your health with something this serious. It is true that today, our daily carb intake is exceedingly higher than our required level of carbs but would just a pill help us? For the time being perhaps, this might help and let you put off some weight, but in the long run these pills can turn out to be as dangerous as some weight-gaining supplements.

Though fat blockers have their Pros and Cons, but no supplements can be better than what nature has to offer. So the best thing is to eat healthy. Do eat your favorite steak and that cheese sandwich you sometimes adore, but take enough exercise to take the excessive off. Eat a healthy balanced diet that is rich in plant based foods (i.e. Fruits and vegetables) and of course, meat is not totally off the table. You can’t eat a pill before or after each meal for the rest of your life to keep the extra pounds away so, be practical, get back to the very basics and eat healthy while maintaining an active lifestyle.

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