Yoga for beginners – Step by Step Guide before Start Practicing

Yoga helps to keep the body flexible, strengthen the muscles and removes the tensions in the internal organs. It helps to activate our energy and makes out mind develop positive thinking. It is therefore very essential and should regularly be done on a daily basis. Aged, as well as sick people, can also do yoga under the guidance of some trainer. Yoga is the ancient form of art and considered as most effective and the best way to stay healthy and fit.

To begin with yoga should be done step by step by following certain guide before start practicing.

First, you need to learn the basics of yoga using proper clothing and accessories and get acquainted with the yoga poses

As a beginner, you should have some basic knowledge about yoga before practicing it. You should understand it and then implement it.

Before beginning yoga, try to know about the poses of yoga. Yoga helps to relax your body and mind. Asanas and its pose: In the beginning, you should need to follow the sitting asanas and concentrate on breathing exercise. The poses range from a simple standing to forward bending and shoulder stand. You need to watch the poses and performances step by step so that you could perform it with ease. None of the asanas is difficult provided you do it with proper care and concentration.

After you understand the basics of yoga, only enter into the practice of yoga. Yoga guides you through various lessons with some of the poses, which are commonly used.

In the beginning it is very confusing for the beginners and get confused which of the postures should be practiced. Therefore, it is better to take the lessons and start gradually. It is indeed better to do yoga in your daily or regular activities.

Posture is the most important pose for the beginners. Here you need to sit on the mat and cross your legs together and sit in a posture commonly known as padmasana. It is quite difficult for everyone to sit in this position. But practice makes the whole thing easy. The other posture to be practiced is sitting on the bend legs. This posture is known as Tadasan.

Then lift your body by placing both your hands on the mat and stretch your hips outward making it V-shape. In addition, you have to make the body in an angular position keeping both the legs apart. This posture should be practiced regularly.

The Boat Pose is a very important posture, where both the legs and both the hand are stretched on both sides of the body making the body into an angular shape. This pose is practiced generally in a sitting position should be practiced in a sitting position.

Then lie down on your back and be in a position of shavasan where you need to lie without any movements. This will help you to increase your concentration.

Raise your legs and bring it to a 90 degree position and then raise your hips and stretch your legs high resting your head on the mat, and your both the hands should support the hips. This position is known as sarvangasan. All these postures should be done under the supervision of a tutor or a yoga guide.

If not done under proper guidance you may end up with some kind of sprain or pain. All the postures should be practiced regularly and gradually increase the timings of the sessions. Then only you can reach your desired result.

After completing the basics of yoga, you can go to the advanced level of yoga.  Yoga is a best way to stay fit and healthy it is not only good for physical health, but it also improves the mental and emotional health too. The best process to do yoga is step by step to get the benefit to your entire physique.

In the initial stage it is advisable to practice yoga for at least 10 to 15 minutes so as to increase the mobility and flexibility of muscular joints, lubricate the movements and increase the circulation of the blood in the body. This process will initiate the body to be well in a better posture and structure. Yoga teaches you to keep the body posture erect.

Breathing is the other aspect of yoga for the beginners, which includes Anulom – vilom, pranayam and kapaalbhati. The breathing exercise helps to increase the lungs capacity and also the breathing pattern. It will help to release tension and anxiety from you.

Beginners should always start with simple exercise and do it very conveniently to get accustomed with the style and method of the performance. Doctors also recommend practicing yoga regularly for its beneficial therapeutic value.

The most important thing to remember by the beginners are:

·        Never do excess practice of yoga in the beginning

·        Start with simple and basic yoga stretches

·        Start with easy postures

·        It is better to take bath before you go for yoga

·        The yoga session should always end with the most important asana called shavasana

·        Should not eat food at least 3 to 4 hours before starting yoga

·        Wear comfortable and loose clothes

·        While doing yoga see that you have positive mind

The practice of yoga will make everything possible for you. Regular exercise and proper diet will help you to overcome the restraint. It is very essential to adopt yoga for health and happiness. Yoga always provides a tool that helps in healing and helps in the recovery procedure.

Following the proper guidelines on yoga, it will help you in encouraging your activities in various fields. You get good motivation with the help of yoga. Do yoga with love and attention and consider it to be fun and not a duty. It will help in changing your life style and develop confidence in you.

From the above guidelines, it can be ensured that yoga is the only exercise, which helps to change the person physically, mentally and emotionally, without putting much effort.