Choosing The Best Diet Plan For Women Over 30 – What Is The Best Source?

No one can avoid aging. As you get older, you lose your vitality over time. Women suffer more problems when it comes to aging.

Do you feel the same? In your 30s, you require different foods. The best diet plan for women over thirty varies, though.

You may find that any foods that you used to consume in your 20s won’t give ample nutrition. Instead, they result in weight gain.

Changing your diet takes much consideration. You even need the help from a doctor. Talk to him and find out the best diet plan in your age. Mostly, you need to have lean proteins, veggies, fruits, and whole grains.

The Changes
In your 30s, your body starts losing its metabolism performance. Some experts say that the decrease is minor. It’s around 2% / decade. As you get older, your body produces more fat.

That means you may lose more muscles over time. Not to mention, your bone density decreases. It’s because your body doesn’t have enough ability to produce new bones.

During this age, you need to consume more foods that improve bone health. It becomes the basis of your diet plan.

You must focus on calcium. Don’t let your age ruins your bones. You must provide enough nutrients for them. Dairy products are good choices, actually.

The next aspect is the calorie. As you reach your 30s, you must have an appropriate caloric intake. Your body needs fewer calories to perform regular functions.

It’s because your metabolism slows down. If you keep eating the same amount of calories every day, you will gain more weight faster. According to expert, you should eat 1,700 calories each day in your 30s.

If you have an inactive lifestyle, you need to reduce the amount. You must replace foods that come with high calories with healthier ones. The changing phase is the most difficult part. You must withstand it.

Further Considerations
You start to feel fragile in your 30s. During this age, you must be able to fight many types of disease.

The best solution is to improve your intake of antioxidants. Remember, you are prone to cancer when you get older. Antioxidants help prevent cell and aging damage.

The best diets are vegetables and fruits. You can opt for leafy greens, berries, dark chocolate, and wine. Get many types of antioxidants by eating various vegetables and fruits from different colors. This way, you can minimize the risks of cancer or other deadly diseases.

Another issue is related to energy. No doubt, you may lose more energy as you get older. In your 30s, the best diets are any foods that provide ample energy for the body.

For instance, you need to improve your iron intake. Otherwise, your cognitive ability will decrease. At least, you need to consume 17 mg of iron per day.

The best sources are lean beef, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, and breakfast cereals. When it comes to boosting metabolism, you can take advantage of protein-rich snacks.

These are suitable to burn calories and boost metabolism. The best time to eat the snacks is between mealtimes. The best snacks are whole grain crackers.