Effective And Simple Diet Chart For Weight Loss

If you are obese, then you have to control your diet. Since most of the people who suffer from obesity eat too much fat and sugar that can be the causal factor of their obesity.

There are various ways you can do to help you lose weight. A healthy diet and reduce calories are the most secure and practical way. You will find in difficult to measure your daily calories needs.

However, you can do the calculation by several things like understand the estimation, equations, and diet chart for weight loss.

You can calculate the level of calories in losing your weight. In addition to using a chart calculation on the internet, there are similarities that can be used to set targets for calories on your body.

Total Calorie Needs
If you want to successfully eliminate 1/2 kg of fat per week, you need to reduce as much as 3500 calories a week. You have to eliminate calories by reducing your eating portions in addition to burning calories by doing some activities.

This way typically results in effective weight loss for everyone. You should not be targeting a reduction of more than 1 kg per week.

If you lose weight just by dieting, you have to cut 500 calories per day to lose half kg per week. If you really impose and wish to reduce 1 kg per week, you must subtract 1000 calories each day.

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculation
You have to deal with your Basal Metabolic rate calculation. The BMR is needed to show you the numbers of calories which is needed by your body to work normally and properly suppose you waste your whole day without doing anything.

The body only start to burn the calories when it needs to get the process of survival such as food digestion, breathing, improve and develop tissue and to circulate the blood.

In this case, the results of the BMR equation can be used to determine the number of calories that you need or consume to lose weight effectively.

Calories Monitoring
You can monitor the numbers of calories that you consume every day. It would be very useful to monitor the numbers of calories you consume at the very beginning of your efforts to perform weight loss.

You can use an online calculator or create eating journal to help you determine the estimated amount of calories you consume today.

Next, you can compare the number of calories with your calculations and the BMR that has been adjusted to the level of activity.

Suppose the calculations are different, you can start to have the diet by eating a daily amount of calories based on your calculations.

Maybe it would be difficult to eat a number of calories per day which is much lower than usual. You can reduce it slowly and start to adjust the diet to follow the BMR which has been adapted to your activity level.

In summary, diet chart is sometimes really helpful for those who wish to reduce fat and control the calories inside their body.

By understanding how much calories that you have to consume, hopefully, it will help you to gain weight loss .