How to Avoid Diet Pitfalls and Achieve Lasting Weight Loss Success

Many people can’t lose weight because the whole process of getting in shape can be incredibly challenging. It takes time, consistency and dedication to reach your goals. Confirmed, effective methods to shed unwanted body fat can easily become warped, twisted and misinterpreted. Every now and then, even if you work your butt off at the gym, follow a strict nutritional plan and bring sufficient concentration to your workout routine, you still don’t see satisfactory results.

Diet pitfalls are real, and no matter how hard you try, sometimes it’s just impossible to achieve long-lasting weight loss success. The good news is that there are ways to thrive and get the bikini body you’re always wanted. Here are some guidelines you should abide by.

Lasting weight loss success is something we all should strive to achieve.

Inappropriate Dieting

Those who want to lose weight fast usually turn to crash dieting. They set up a goal and a timeframe without realizing that no matter how much they try, they will still fail. The general logic goes like this: if I give up carbs for 7 weeks, I will fit into my favorite pair of pants” or, “if I replace sweets with vegetables for a couple of months, I lose 10 pounds and will look great in my summer bikini”.

Losing weight seems rather pointless when there’s no goal on the line. Nobody loses weight to feel healthier or ward off susceptibilities to heart conditions for example; everybody wants fast results but they’re not willing to work hard to get them. In the end, a 30-day challenge to lose 20 pounds will eventually lead to the accumulation of 40 pounds in 60 days.

Don’t believe supermarket buzzwords

Nowadays, most supermarket shelves are packed with buzzwords like gluten-free, organic, sugar-free, natural and fat-free products. All these products may help keep your weight under control, but this doesn’t mean they’re calorie-free. A lot of people can’t lose weight even if they eat fruits and organic meat; organic foods have an increased caloric intake, so they must be consumed in moderation by those who want to lose weight. In spite of what everyone else says, efficient fat loss comes down to this: calories “in” vs. calories “out”. It’s that simple!

Limiting fruit that is high in sugar will help in lasting weight loss success.

Don’t skip breakfast

Many dieters skip breakfast when they want to lose weight. How do you expect your body to function properly throughout the day if you don’t fuel it up? Skipping breakfast will make you want to eat in the evening; in worst cases, you’ll wake up starving in the middle of the night. Not eating breakfast is not directly linked to weight gain, but it won’t help you lose weight either.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day; and they’re right. Including healthy foods into your diet early in the morning strengthens and energizes the body. Food is needed to keep your brain active too; however, not all foods are good. Stay focused on healthy fats like vegan omega 3, nuts, seeds, and include as many vegetables as possible into your regimen. Adding protein to your breakfast will give you that much needed energy to start the day.

Artificial sweeteners

Nowadays, chemists are able to create all sorts of flavors, including flavors that mimic the taste of sugar. Most “healthy” snacks available in the market today may not contain refined sugar, but they do have sweeteners. These chemicals can do more harm than good because they can boost your cravings for sweets later on. Apart from severe gastrointestinal concerns, foods and snacks that have sweeteners may even increase the risk of getting diabetes.

Remember…Breakfast is the most important meal for lasting weight loss success

Excess fruit intake

Eating fruits can do a lot of good to your general health; some might even help you lose weight. Unfortunately, eating too much fruit can actually make you add weight as well. People who are overweight shouldn’t include that many sweet fruits into their diet because they have too much fructose (sugar fruit). Limit your intake and stay focused on fruits that don’t contain that much fructose like grapefruits, berries, green apples, lemons, and kiwis.

Achieving long-lasting weight loss success is not impossible, only extremely challenging. Many people turn the simplest diet of them all – starvation. They don’t eat (or eat less than 500 calories/day) and they believe that this will get them back in shape. While they might be able to lose a few pounds through starvation, in the long-term all the weight will eventually come back.

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