Top Tips For Those Wanting To Lose Weight

By now you may have already considered making a few New Year’s Resolutions, some of you may have even already broken yours, but for anyone hoping that 2014 is going to be the year they reach their desired weight, there’s some important things you need to know.

Wanting to lose weight is sure to be one of the most popular resolutions all over the world, but it is never as easy as you may think. So in order for this to be your year, the year you become happier with your body, here are some helpful top tips.

Always Account For Sides And Sauces

Sides and sauces can often fly under the radar of anyone wanting to lose weight. You cut the calories by preparing a reasonably healthy meal and then go and ruin it by smothering it with gravy or mayonnaise. These may only be small additions to your meal but they nearly always pack a punch when it comes to fats, salts and sugars. Try switching to low fat versions and seriously reducing the amount of sauces you add to your plate and you’ll soon see a change. A good way to reduce sauce is to start using smaller plates. Portion control is very important in wanting to lose weight.

Never Skip Meals

Some people think that the perfect way to keep the pounds off is by only eating one or two meals a day, but this is certainly not the way. This could actually end up with you gaining weight as your body grasps tightly to any food substances that you consume after a long absence of food; fearing it might not get any more for a while. Sticking with three meals a day, but reducing your portion size and calorie intake, is a much healthier and more effective way to lose weight. Consider “grazing” to increase your metabolism. Three meals and nibbles of veggies and good fats (nuts, avocados, salad with olive oil, flax seed and hemp seed,) in between you meals are good for keeping your metabolism going. Remember, all fats have 9 calories per gram, so consume in moderation.

Remember The Need For Progression

If you sign yourself up for a gym membership or head out to pound the pavements in an attempt to get in shape, then you may find most things are difficult to start with. However, as you get further into your routine, things will start to get easier and you may find you comfort zone. This is not where you need to be. As soon as you reach a stage where your exercise routine becomes easy then it is time to step it up a notch. Progression is an important part of any training schedule. Finding a partner for your workouts would be something to think about. Your partner can push you toward your goals and make dull exercise exciting for both of you. This partnership will have both of you wanting to lose weight.

Give Yourself A Figure To Aim For

By ‘figure’ I don’t just mean ‘slim’. It is a lot easier to lose weight if you have an actual weight in mind and therefore have a concrete target to aim for. Just promising to ‘lose weight’ will only get you so far and is pretty difficult to measure. However, if you say “I want to weigh X lbs by the end of the year” then you are far more likely to hit this goal.

Let NLP Help You Out

Willpower alone is very effective but it becomes even more powerful when combined with other helpful techniques. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can help you to strengthen the link between your mind and your body and help you become more in tune with what you have to do to lose weight. It can help you control food cravings, help you motivate yourself and also help you to deal with the full range of emotions that are likely to be going through your head at this time. NLP courses, such as these, can be found online and are sure to help you achieve your weight loss goals and make this year your best year yet.

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