Lose Weight Fast, The safe Way

As the general population has become increasingly overweight, many health professionals have tried to determine the most effective way to lose weight. For many years it was common belief that a slow and gradual weight loss program was the most sustainable and “best” way to lose weight. Furthermore, it was believed that those who pursued a rapid weight loss diet were most likely to fail and gain additional weight thereafter.

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Bucking The Trend

However, recent research suggests that the most effective way to lose weight is very rapidly rather than slowly. A study carried out by Katrina Purcell at the University of Melbourne compared the results of two types of diet:

1.5 kg (3 lbs) of weight loss per week for 12 weeks

0.5 kg (1 lb) of weight loss per week for 36 weeks

78% of those on diet 1 achieved their weight loss target while only 48% of those on diet 2 achieved their goal. In addition, four of those in diet 2 quit before the end compared to only one on diet 1.

Rapid Weight Loss Reasoning

The reasons for this can be mainly associated with motivation.  It is thought that when losing more weight at a time it was much more motivational to continue with the diet. Also, you are more likely to be able to see the results week after week when losing 3.3 lbs whereas with only 1.1 lbs it would take much longer to see any difference. And lastly a 12 week diet doesn’t seem like such a big deal compared to a 36 week program.

How to Lose Weight Fast

So, now onto the most critical part of the article in which I attempt to shed some light on the best ways to lose weight fast.  First of all, I should say that before you try to radically change your diet you must seek medical advice.

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High protein and good fat breakfast – This may seem counter intuitive but fats are actually needed by the body and will not necessarily make you fat. A high protein and fat breakfast is far superior to a high carb breakfast because it will not spike your sugar level. By spiking your sugar levels all of that energy will not be used and stored as fat for later use, which will probably never come…Examples: smoked salmon and nuts, chicken and avocado, tuna and nuts

Don’t drink calories – If you have lots of drinks that are not water each day you will be drinking large quantities of calories which are devoid of any nutrients and not fill you up. For example, a glass of orange juice contains a huge amount of sugar. Do not drink orange juice, instead have an orange but not in the morning…

Use a Calorie Counter – An app like My Fitness Pal is ideal for seeing where you calories are coming from. What really strikes many people is just how many calories there are in certain foods and it makes them aware of exactly what they are putting in their mouths. It’s perfect for learning about portion control and is incredibly effective and getting weight loss results

Brisk walking will keep the weight off and will help your heart.

Try to walk – Walking  is a really great fat burner. Why? Because when your body has time to provide energy to your muscles, like when you are walking, it tends to use fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. If you are doing something more intensive like running your body needs energy quickly so uses carbohydrates first as its energy source, resulting in less fat burned.

Fasted cardio – Fasted cardio means doing exercise on an empty stomach. The ideal time for this is first thing in the morning before your breakfast. It should not be a really intense form of exercise, up to a maximum of 65% effort. So something like a 20 min brisk walk would be ideal. This will help to ensure that the energy used is all from fat stores.

Supplementation – It cannot be stressed enough just how important it is to maintain a healthy balance in your body of all the required vitamins and nutrients. Without a properly feed system, your body will not function properly and therefore optimally, thus making all functions inefficient, including weight loss. Supplements can be bought from a number of different places, including Health First Supplements  who are a newcomer to the UK market and offer excellent products and services.


It would appear that the psychological impact of losing weight was not considered highly enough in previous theories about the most effective way to lose weight fast. Although losing weight fast seems to be the best way, it should also be noted that maintaining that weight loss requires a change in lifestyle and diet.

By becoming more aware of what you are eating and the impact it has on your calorie intake, in combination with the 6 tips listed above, you should be able to control your weight effectively.

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