Facts about Diet Soda and Weight Loss

Weight loss has become the new trend in today’s world. Staying fit in this urbanized society is essential to ensure you get rid of all the ill effects of weight gain. There are various harmful side effects of excess weight that can be life threatening. Being over weight can lead diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders and colon cancer. To stay away from these diseases you should control the weight gain and stay fit. Apart from all these side effects, excess weight can also lead to other health issues like joint problems, dullness, increase in heart beat rate, heart stroke, and many more. Weight issue has to be taken seriously for a healthy growth of the mind, body, and soul. Excess weight is caused due to various factors like eating unhealthy food, lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle, and many more. Unhealthy food consumption can be eating more of junk food including pizza, burgers, cold drinks, and soda. Diet soda is the new product, which is gaining popularity on a faster note. Diet soda and weight loss are the two opposite aspects that are being discussed briefly.

Eating more of junk food is the major cause of being obese or overweight. Junk food contains higher amount of calories in it, which can result in excess weight. Consuming junk food on a frequent basis can lead to cancer and other harmful disorders. Practicing such type of a lifestyle is injurious to health leading to obesity. According to a research made, it takes nearly 48 hours for our body to digest the junk food completely. If the food remains undigested in the body for long hours, it then gets deposited as fat in the body. This excessive amount of fat deposits leads to weight gain and other health problems. Drinking soda has high amount of calories in it that can cause weight gain. Hence, for all those soda lovers, many companies have come up with the idea of diet soda that can be drunk by the weight conscious people.

Diet soda has higher amount of water in it and less amount of soda and sugar content in it, hence it is named as diet soda. The normal soda contains 150 calories in it with every 112 ounce of a can of the soda drink. This high amount of sugar content can increase your waist size and can lead to excess weight. New studies reveal that diet soda as well as the normal soda both are not good for weight loss. These both drinks can lead to excess amount of calories that can cause obesity and weight gain. Till now there is not a single research that has proven diet soda beneficial for weight loss. Instead, the experts have come to the conclusion that diet soda can directly cause weight gain and more amount of intake of diet soda can lead to health problems like diabetes, digestive system disorders and higher risk of heart strokes as the sugar in diet soda is artificially smoothened.

Diet soda can lead to weight gain if consumed on a daily basis and frequent intervals. Anything unnatural, made from artificial sweeteners can never prove beneficial in weight loss plans. Let many companies claim that diet soda can help you to stay in right weight but the fact is diet soda and weight loss cannot be discussed in a positive way. Water is the best source to quench thirst without causing any side effects on the human body. There are many people who have a habit to drink soft drink or sodas after their meals or in between their meals instead of drinking water. This can be their style of living or they might have got addicted to these drinks due to their taste and tempting looks. This habit can cost them resulting into various disorders and diseases. Hence, it is high time to change your lifestyle and follow a lifestyle that can be beneficial for your health.

Soda can lower the body’s metabolism rate, resulting into weight gain. The metabolism rate of the body is the rate at which the body burns fat deposits. If the metabolism rate is low than you can easily gain weight, but if it is high than you can lose weight easily. For increasing the metabolism rate, you have to eat a low calorie diet that can give the right energy to your body.

Eating small and frequent meals daily is beneficial in weight loss. These small and frequent meals can keep your digestive system active and avoid any weight gain problems. This will keep you full for longer hours by avoiding cravings that can lead to consumption of high proportion of food. Eating food that contains higher amount of proteins, fiber, and less amount of carbohydrates and essential fats is the perfect nutrient chart, which is the key to increase the body’s metabolism rate.

Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and to stay in right weight. Water is the main source, which throws all the toxins out from the body, thus causing weight loss. Drinking aerated or other flavored drinks is harmful as these artificial drinks have high amount of calories that can cause obesity.

Diet soda and weight loss cannot be corelated with each other as all aerated drinks can lead to weight gain.

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