How To Lose Body Fat with These Top 10 Foods

Body fat in the right places and right amounts is necessary for good health. However, too much body fat is not only an aesthetic issue, it is a health issue. If you have a lot of body fat, especially in the belly area, you are at the higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, liver failure, and even depression.

When your curves start hanging over your beltline, it’s time to consider losing body fat. Not losing weight, but burning off your fat and changing it to a lean muscle. How to lose body fat? The fastest way is to change your diet. It’s not magic, there are foods that will help you to lose fat fast. Below are the top 10 natural fat burning foods to include in your diet.

Let’s start now with the first food :

1 . Lose Body Fat While Sipping Your Cup of Tea

You have probably heard about the benefits of drinking green tea. In addition to its benefits to your health, this amazing drink can help you lose fat fast. Green tea is made from the leaves of a Camellia sinensis, a special Asian plant. Green tea is less processed than other teas and the processing way preserves all-natural nutrients.

Green tea has its roots in China and it has been used for decades because of the health benefits, such as cancer and heart disease prevention. This phenomenal drink is a powerful antioxidant and can help you to burn fat. According to some studies, green tea includes thermogenesis that stimulates fat oxidation.

2 . Add Avocados to Your Salad to Lose Fat Fast

How to lose body fat by just eating? Eat avocados! These magic fruits have always been misunderstood by many people for a long time because they contain fat. However, recent research has proved that avocado can help to lose fat. It is because this amazing fruit contains unsaturated fats, also known as good fats.

These fats are essential to the human body and health. Avocados contain mannoheptulose, a sugar that decreases insulin release and increases calcium absorption, making your body burn fat. Why not enjoy a plate of a fresh guacamole?

3 . Eat a Lot of Whole Grains

Whole grains are very beneficial to your health and can help you to lose body fat. You might want to include the following whole grains in your diet: barley, popcorn, brown and wild rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, wholemeal bread and quinoa.

According to recent studies, eating whole grains daily fights belly fat and lowers the risk of a heart disease. Not sure how to lose belly fat? Eat whole grains daily and avoid refined ones, such as white rice, white bread or regular white pasta.

4 . Fall in Love with Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is an amazing diary product for those who trying to lose body fat. This super food helps to boost metabolism and reduce fat. Greek yogurt is healthier than a regular yogurt because it is high in proteins, low in calories and contains less sugar than the regular yogurt. The protein helps to reduce appetite and makes you feel energetic without cravings for junk food.

Greek yogurt will also help you to build a lean muscle. Not sure how to lose body fat by eating Greek yogurt daily? Replace your sour cream, cream cheese or mayonnaise with this delicious and healthy yogurt. You might want to mix it with chopped vegetables and herbs for a better taste and flavor.

5 . Replace Your Oil with Olive Oil

You have probably heard about the numerous benefits of olive oil. This phenomenal oil is an unsaturated fat, helping to reduce fat, to balance your diet, to control your blood pressure and cholesterol. Olive oil is a real heart-healthy superfood and it is a secret weapon for weight and fat loss.

It is one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and it is getting popularity all around the world. Make sure to use extra-virgin olive oil as it offers the richest flavor and contains less acid. Do not use more than a tablespoon of olive oil daily because this can lead to diarrhea. The best tip on how to lose body fat is not drinking too much oil, but replacing the regular oil with an extra-virgin olive oil.

6 . Eating Broccoli Daily is the Fastest Way to Lose Fat

Broccoli is a green superfood helping to shred some fat, but that is not the only benefit you will gain. It is high in essential nutrients and fiber, which reduces the feeling of hunger.

Broccoli is low in calories and it contains phytochemicals that help to break down fats. Unfortunately, this underestimated vegetable seems boring and tasteless to most of us. However, its properties are unbelievable. Eating broccoli daily can help you to lose fat fast.

Avoid eating fried broccoli and opt for healthy recipes. Remember that with a right preparation and some cooking skills the taste of broccoli might surprise you. Your broccoli dishes do not need to be tasteless, check out this recipe.

7 . Spice Up Your Life with Hot Peppers!

How to lose body fat and still enjoy your food? Spicing up your dishes with hot peppers will make your fat loss diet rich in taste and flavor. Hot peppers, such as chipotles, jalapenos or habaneros, are proven to have fat burning properties.

These peppers contain capsaicin, an alkaloid substance that provides weight and fat loss benefits. In addition to that, hot peppers contain Vitamin C, zero cholesterol or saturated fat and they act as a powerful antioxidant. Hot peppers will make you eat slower and to eat less, resulting in lower calorie intake.

8 . Good News for Those Who Love Tomatoes

There are not too many people who do not like tomatoes. Not without a reason! Tomatoes are extremely delicious and refreshing. Good news is that this super fruit also helps to lose body fat. How to lose fat fast by eating tomatoes? Add them to your daily diet.

Tomatoes have high nutritional value, zero cholesterol or saturated fats. They are low in calories and contain a good amount of Vitamin C, making tomatoes powerful in cleansing your body and removing toxins. You might want to drink a glass of tomato juice a day for a fat loss.

9 . Eat Beans and Legumes to Lose Fat

Many of those who tried to lose some body fat have asked this question at least once: how to lose body fat but don’t feel hungry most of the time? The secret food to help you deal with your hunger is legumes. The most common legumes are lentils, peas, beans, soybeans, peanuts and chickpeas. Legumes are high in fiber and protein that helps to fill your tummy and keep you energetic for a long time.

Beans and peas have an amazing ability to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere, which is an essential component of amino acids, the main components of proteins. This makes legumes a perfect source of a dietary protein. Besides the advantages of legumes, you have to remember that they cause gas. Try to include legumes in your diet, but avoid overeating them.

10 . Add Onions to Your Diet

Onions are perfect for weight and fat loss. Moreover, they have a rich taste and flavor making them irreplaceable ingredient of many dishes. Onions can make miracles. They contain flavonoids that are very beneficial to your fat loss goals and health. How to eat onions correctly? Try to eat them raw and to not over-peel them to not make it lose most of the flavonoids.

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