Foods That Lower Bad Cholesterol For A Healthy Lifestyle

Foods that we eat every day mostly have good or bad effect on the body. Some foods may cause in high cholesterol while some other may reduce the level.

Below are some foods that lower bad cholesterol which you may want to add to the daily diet.It is important to note that to lower the cholesterol level should also accompany with healthy diet and lifestyle.

Study finds out that regular eating of avocado for at least one a day can reduce the cholesterol level up to 17%.

Avocado is a rich in monounsaturated fat which considered as a good fat. In addition, the fruit also contains beta-sitosterol which is a cholesterol-cutting substance.

The avocado has the ability to reduce the LDL and triglycerides while increasing the HDL level.

Roasted Almonds
A fistful of roasted almonds contain 9 grams of monounsaturated fat. This is very helpful to lower the blood cholesterol as well as boosting the good one.

Almonds are a good choice if you want snacking instead of chips, pretzels, or doughnut because those snacks actually increase the bad cholesterol by almost 10%.

In addition, the vitamin E in almonds and the flavonoids in the papery skin can help prevent the development of clogging plaque in the artery.

Therefore it is better to eat the roasted almonds with the skin on for healthier choice.

Tomatoes has plenty benefits for the body. Eating more than seven servings of tomatoes every week can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease up to 30%.

This is certainly because of the lycopene antioxidant contains in tomato or the high amount of vitamin C, fiber, and potassium.

Cooked tomato indeed has higher amount of lycopene and sun dried tomatoes contains more potassium than a medium banana which can lower the blood pressure.

The healthy oats mean the old fashioned oat. It contains beta glucan which is a high soluble fiber.

This fiber works like a sponge which traps or absorbs the cholesterol bile acids in the intestine and gets rid of it.

This leads to lowering bad cholesterol level and less cholesterol is absorbed into the bloodstream.

For daily consumption, one and a half cup of oats or a big bowl can cut the cholesterol level up to 2 or 3 percent.

When speaking of lower cholesterol attempt, eating a high amount of vegetables is essential.

There are numbers of vegetables which are good for those with high cholesterol level.

You can try okra or eggplant for those two vegetables is low in calories and also rich in soluble fiber.

In addition, you can also use vegetable oil for cooking such as canola oil, olive oil, safflower oil, and much more to replace lard or butter.

Fatty fish

Consuming fish two or three times a week is proven to be able lower the blood cholesterol level.

The fatty acids in fish can reduce the triglycerides level in the blood stream, replace the bad cholesterol with the good one, and protect the heart by preventing abnormal heart beats.