Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

A juice diet has various benefits over the human health. Living on a juice diet can create miracles for weight loss. You can drink either vegetable or fruit juices or a combination of both of them for losing weight in an effective way. These juices are highly nutritious and also tastes great and can be enjoyed by all fitness lovers. To be on a juice diet is like creating a perfect base for your weight loss program.

Weight loss is the most discussed topic among all youngsters, mid aged people and even old people. Everyone has their own ways and methods to carry a weight loss plan, but only a few succeed due to lack in focus on their weight loss goal and incomplete knowledge about the weight loss plans. Here are few juice diet recipes for weight loss that can be beneficial to reduce the calorie content and stay in right shape and weight.

The important function carried by vegetable or fruit juices is that they help in the detoxification process and clean the body. On basis of these two important results, you can observe the best weight loss in your body. Now, experts say that those who are on a juice diet for losing weight should give more priority to vegetable juices than the fruit juices.

Vegetable juices are less in sugar content as compared with the fruit juices. Experts have found that the photochemicals present in plants may keep us away from all the harmful diseases and serve the best in weight reduction. Due to less calorie content and a wide variety to choose from, vegetable juices are the best in losing weight.

Fruit juices too are beneficial for weight loss. The fruits which are rich in vitamin C like oranges, melons, lemons, and few others help in detoxifying the body. They are rich in antioxidants that cleanses the body internally and throws out all the harmful toxins resulting into weight loss. The other fruit juices like apples and pears are rich in fiber, thus making you feel full for long hours. Fiber increases the body’s metabolism rate and thus helps in weight reduction. So, fruit juices too are beneficial in weight loss.

Combination of Both Fruit and Vegetable Juice

The combination of vegetable and fruit juice is great for weight loss. As fruits and vegetables have high amount of nutrients and minerals in them, they can keep you energetic for a long period and will also result in weight loss. You can plan your juice diet by selecting the combination juices for all your meals.

Preparing and drinking the juice can be quiet irritating at an initial stage due to the mess of cleaning the vegetables and fruits and then making it. But when you see the results of weight loss you will get confident about your path and then all things would appear great to you. At an initial stage, the taste of these juices cannot be that good as expected due to them lacking in salt and sugar, but do not get discouraged and leave the idea of following juice diet for weight loss. Be patient and stay focused on you weight loss goal and see the difference in your weight. There are many juice diet recipes that can add that perfect taste to the juice and make it tastier and enjoyable than before. You can do a research on the recipes for diet juices or you can ask your friends or colleagues to guide you for the tasty juice diet recipes for weight loss.

Try to opt for juices, which are made from organic foods instead of the non-organic ones as the organic foods contain double the nutritional value content and thus can be more healthier and beneficial for your body. The juice dieting method is the best way to lose weight. No matter you if you practice it for few days or for few weeks, it would give you a large benefit.

While making juices ensure that citrus is added in all them as it is known for its cleansing effects. Mix both the juices together for better and the right weight loss results. You can use more of vegetable juice and then add few amount of fruit juice for getting a sweet taste. Some amount of fruit juice will give your body the right amount of sugar to avoid cravings and to stay full for long period with comfort.

Juice Diet Recipes for Weight Loss
1. Carrot Juice

4 large carrots 1 Apple 2 stalks of Celery along with its leaves baby spinach parsley lemon
Mix all the above ingredients in a proportion and add the adequate amount of water for preparing the juice. Once you grind them properly, squeeze lemon in the mixture and enjoy the drink.
2. Juice Diet Recipe
Half Apple 6 carrots A slice of ginger
Mix all the above ingredients and add some water in the grinder and mix them.

Incorporating the above mentioned juice diet recipes for weight loss in your diet plan is the most effective to lose weight. Always drink juices for maintaining the body weight and staying healthy.