How To Lose Weight In A Month

Getting rid of several wads of fat from your body is easier than you think! You can lose weight in a month and you don’t have to engage in strenuous diets that will leave you demoralized and weak… dieting is good but not as effective as you think it is. Dieting only succeeds in leaving you with an endless lust for more “junk” food thus making it hard to diet.

What should I do to lose weight fast?

This is a frequently asked question (FAQ) and I have the right answer for you! Although we are looking to lose weight in one month, you should always keep in mind that the weight loss game is a slow and steady one, more like a game of chess, where you need to be strategic and go at a steady pace to avoid slip ups.

So the best way to shed some weight in less than or one month will be to combine the dieting with a good workout/exercise plan! A little side note; do not jump right into dieting or strenuous exercises without consulting your physician! Be sure to ask for a diet plan that suits your health needs and also a workout plan that goes with your health condition and body state.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Month

You will lose weight only if you are determined to! And I know that 10 pounds might not seem like a lot to you right now, but hey! Did you get to start somewhere right? As I said earlier, you will need to take this slowly and I am sure at the end of the day you will be grateful that you took my advice. Losing fat fast is easy I talked about this earlier in one of my posts

Okay! Let’s get down to it… how to lose 10 pounds in one month…

If I took a poll right now, of about 5,000 people in a room you did see that 40% would love to lose weight, while 60% would love to lose weight FAST! These are the same goals but each requires a different target timeframe, so if you want to lose weight in one month? Keep reading, as I unravel some profitable ways you can achieve this feat!

Prepare yourself  mentally

This might sound off, but it is necessary to be prepared for the 30-days journey ahead! No military person goes into a battlefield unprepared right? And losing weight is a battle of its own! Here are a few things you should commit your mind to;

Never say “I can’t”: This is crucial as a constant use of the phrase “I can’t” will significantly demoralize you and hinder your progress. Rather than saying “I can’t” learn to say “I don’t” it’s twice as effective as simply saying “no”
Stay true to the cause and not the final goal: This might sound cheesy and discouraging… like why wouldn’t I focus on the goal? I need motivation! Yes, you do, and this is why you need to commit yourself to each day as it goes… motivate yourself to keep pushing through each day, until a month is over.

Now down to business! Ways to lose 10 pounds in a month

Fast for a day: Yes, fasting is a good way to begin the process and motivate you. During this fast period, make sure you drink a lot of liquid, as this will help in reducing the stomach volume and whenever you do decide to eat, you will find yourself eating less! – A very nice hack to lose weight in one month.

Kick off your day with an exercise: Try as much as possible not to compromise on this. You don’t need to wake up and straight up carry some heavy weight, NO. A simple cardio exercise like rope jumping or jogging for 20 minutes should do the trick. This would not only help you lose weight fast but improve your mood!

Gulp a glass of water before each meal: Water is an essence of life and you need it not only to stay hydrated but also fill up your stomach to avoid overeating and unnecessary weight gain!

5 almonds a day before each meal: This is a common nutritional hack; eating 5-6 almonds fifteen minutes before each meal somehow makes you feel less hungry and of course the healthy fat in almonds is good for the body system.

Do not force yourself to overeat: This is a common problem where people tend to overeat because the foods “tastes great” well, STOP IT! Do not overeat, it is unhealthy.

Avoid the whites: Avoid the white sugars and flours… in other words trim down the carbs such as bread, pasta, white rice, and potatoes. Replace these with lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. This alone will enable you to lose weight in a month!

Throw in a snack: You need to reward your body at some point since it is going to be deprived of carbohydrates which are necessary for energy, so a protein bar every now and then is advisable. Just be smart about it.
Exercise more to burn more calories: Apart from the morning exercise, you can go an extra mile by burning an additional 500 calories per day. Achieve this by walking instead of driving or opting in for a bicycle instead of a car.

In Conclusion

You can lose weight in a month, depending on how determined you are. Follow the steps/advice I gave in this article and I am sure you will be happy with the results! These are what no one tells you. so use it to your advantage. I look forward to hearing your testimony!

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.

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