Diverticulitis Diet

What is the reason of following a diverticulitis diet?

When small bulging pouches (1) (diverticula) become disease ridden and swollen in your digestive tract, diverticulitis occurs. There are some cases can be treated with antibiotics and following a diverticulitis (2) diet that contains lots of liquids and food that contain low fiber. Other cases require hospitalization.

In which age shall you follow a Diverticulitis diet?

Diverticulum often occurs in the body without a result of any additional problems more than the lining of the large intestine (3), and become more common as you age. In fact, it is common at the age of 40, so it is recommended to follow a Diverticulitis diet.

Does a Diverticulitis diet help in relieving the symptoms of diverticulitis?

Diverticula can become inflamed or swollen, or they may tear. This inflammation May lead to a more chronic and serious disease known as diverticulitis which may cause serious health problems (4), including:

severe abdominal pain
bloody bowel movements

Is a Diverticulitis diet the cure of diverticulitis?

The cure of diverticulitis depends on how bad your symptoms are, in which if the pain is minor, you can drink liquids, and you have no signs of difficulties, thus the cure may include:

Medications such as antibiotics and pain relievers.

There may be some changes in diet, first with a clear liquid or bland diverticulitis diet (5) .

What is the purpose of diverticulitis diet?

Although a diverticulitis diet (6) is useful for your digestive tract but, it has a few risks. As continuing a clear liquid diet for more than a few days may result in a feeling of weakness and other complications since it doesn’t provide enough of the nutrients your body requires.

What foods should you avoid in a diverticulitis diet?

In a diverticulitis diet, you are recommended to add slowly add foods (7) that contain low diver like the following:

Canned or cooked fruits without skin or seeds
Canned or cooked vegetables such as green beans, carrots, and potatoes (without the skin)
Eggs, fish, and poultry (8)
white bread
Fruit and vegetable juice with no pulp
Cereals that contain low fiber
Dairy products
White rice, pasta, and noodles

What are the drinks that can be eaten in the diverticulitis diet?

The diverticulitis diet begins for a few days with only clear liquids. Here are some examples of the liquids that are allowed on a clear liquid diet as following:

Fruit juices, such as apple juice
Ice chips
Ice pops without bits of fruit or fruit pulp
Tea or coffee without cream or milk

How do I cure diverticulitis by diverticulitis diet?

You should resume a high fiber diet when symptoms resolve containing food (9) like oatmeal, fruit, and whole grain bread, cereals and muffins. Also, you can include lettuce, vegetable juice, fruit and cooked vegetables in diverticulitis diet. At least you can consume from 25 to 35 grams of fiber each day.

How can diverticulitis diet cure you?

The diverticulitis diet forms a low fiber food kinds to high fiber food kinds, as doctors recommended not eating food that is difficult to digest, and thus this diverticulitis diet can prevent diverticulitis symptoms (10) and attacks by reducing pressure in the digestive tract and making stools bulkier.

Which foods in a diverticulitis diet may increase diverticulitis in order to help reduce the pain you may feel?

There are certain types of foods that help in preventing a diverticulitis attack, rather than avoiding foods, such as eating foods high in fiber except after curing which cause waste in the colon to soften, that helps it move more quickly through the body. Some foods that are in high in fiber are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Does a high fiber diverticulitis diet reduce risk?

It is beneficial for an ordinary digestive system that you eat a diet that is rich in regular sources of fiber is, but it is unclear in researchers if a high fiber diverticulitis diet will decrease your risk of diverticulitis.

These are the top 12 hight fiber foods :

Does diverticulitis diet cure severe exposure to diverticulitis?

If the pain is severe (11), you cannot drink liquids, or you have difficulties of diverticulitis, a hospital stay is necessary. Cure will include the following:

Antibiotics are giventhrough IV).
Intravenous liquids and diverticulitis diet only (no food or drink by mouth) for up to a week to sanction the bowel to rest.

Your stomach needed to be empty by sucking out its contents by a tube passing ugh the nose and down the throat into the stomach (a nasogastric tube or NG tube).
If you have had recurrent outbreaks that are not helped by changing your diverticulitis diet so, doing surgery either for complications of diverticulitis is recommended. Overall, fewer than 6 out of 100 people who have diverticulitis require surgery.

What is the ongoing treatment with diverticulitis diet?

After retrieval from an attack of diverticulitis, there must be a treatment that is aimed at avoiding another attack. This treatment may include the following:

Increasing the amount of fiber in the diet (12) on a gradual basis through eating some kinds of foods like fruits, vegetables, wheat bran, and probably the consistent use of a fiber complement.
Drinking lots of fluids every day.

When should you visit your doctor while following a diverticulitis diet?

From the basis of completing your treatment is visiting the doctor on regular basis to observe your state. As, if you have diverticulitis, the doctor may put you under observation about two days after going under treatment which begins to assure you are improving. Probably you will go under a colonoscopy (13) or barium enema X-ray, which will be done about six weeks later on, after symptoms become under control, in order to look for any other harms, such as inflammatory bowel illness or colon cancer.

Why acidic foods should you avoid in the diverticulitis diet?

There is no doubt that eating too many kinds of food that contains acid may result in having diabetes, or kidney problems and liver disease. While eating some foods such as dairy products and meat may have a tendency to increase the acidity of the blood (14) in the body.

What acidic foods should be avoided in the diverticulitis diet?

Among the acidic foods: the full-fat dairy products such as sour cream, ice cream, cheese, and milk. Also, some kinds of food like high-fat butter cookies, brownies (15), donuts, and chocolate are examples of acidic sweets and should be avoided completely. Chicken wings, marbled sirloin, ham, and bacon are also categorized as being from the acidic foods. Moreover, wine, carbonated drinks, tea, and coffee are considered to be acidic liquid refreshments.

The highly acidic foods :

Does Chemical infused and genetically modified foods are good in the diverticulitis diet?

These kinds of food are considered to be harmful to the immune system of the body. Kinds of food that is rich in acid producing components can cause uric acid creation. Also, eating too much acidic food can also increase the risk for cancer, liver difficulties, and heart diseases. On the other hand, eating more alkaline foods may help in complementing the pH levels of the body and can lower the vulnerability to diseases (16).

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