Causes of Postponing Weight Loss and How to Overcome Them

There are very many readers of articles about weight loss. They range from people who are just intrigued of what specific diet, exercise, pharmaceutical or surgery, among others, a writing is about for the sake of simply the knowledge about it to those who want to apply the knowledge whether as a beginner or someone who has already started one’s weight loss.

Don’t Delay

Among the different and numerous people who are interested in losing weight, there is a good percentage who are yet to start their journey in this health agenda. Further, among this specific demography, there are those who have been postponing the commencement of their own initiative towards losing weight.

You may have been delaying your own weight loss venture and you may have many different reasons for doing so. There are causes or excuses behind the delay. Most of them are unconscious. Unconscious factors to the postponement of the start of losing weight are very many because some conscious reasons are actually unconscious ones. Here are some of the unconscious and conscious causes of delay of starting weight loss initiatives. If you are a person who needs to lose weight but has not started acting about it, you may read some points here which may apply to you and will help you get started.


First, you may or may not be conscious of this but you have been avoiding the weighing scale. This evasion may have many more causes in itself. You may have been thinking “what you do not know, will not hurt you.” You may have set a self-serving and counterproductive limit to yourself that has caused you to be blind of what is the truth. The truth hurts. You do not want to hurt yourself. That is why you have been avoiding the cold hard fact which is your weight. However, what you have been avoiding to hurt you will really harm you. The more you do not confront the weighing scale, the more you lead your health to danger. But thank God you are here reading this article. Even though you do not originally have the intentions to check your weight and you simply want to read about how to lose weight, you may finally face your fears, tip the scale and actually start your own weight loss. You should start now; the more you avoid, the less manageable your weight will be.


Acceptance is admirable. If we accept who we are, our weaknesses and flaws, it is still good. It is even helpful. This is so as long as we do so in the right way. Accepting what we are or the body we have is not enough. You need to use the self-awareness and do something about your situation. Do not be blinded by the “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” perception. You do not need to lose weight so that someone will love you. Lose weight for the right reasons. You need to trim down and stay fit for yourself. It is about your health. Setting an aim like stopping shopping in the plus size section and aiming to start visiting the normal size area might help but you have to go beyond these. You should think about your health and your life. Start accepting yourself in the right way now and start using the self-awareness in the right way and that it to act now. If you continue to accept yourself in the wrong manner, you are pushing yourself towards risky health.


Another very deadly cause of delay in starting your own weight loss initiative is your attitude in life in general. Yes, you may be overweight and it may pull you down. However, you should be alerted on how dangerous this temperament can be. If you dwell in the feeling and thought of inadequacy when it comes to life, you can fall into the trap of seeking comfort in food. You might commit the act of long but painless suicide. Start losing weight now and do not wait when the long act reaches the point when it becomes painful. You must be careful when choosing the friends you approach during times of failures. Too much food is not a friend. Instead of comforting yourself by eating too much, get on your feet and start exercising. Start your weight loss now!

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