11 Simple Strategies to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

The meaning of a healthy lifestyle is not determined by a strict diet that knocks out your favorite foods from the menu. Adhering to a healthy regimen should make people feel good about them, and believe it or not, there are ways to start a weight-loss journey without ditching some of your favorites. If you implement healthy changes gradually, you have the highest chances of becoming fit before you know it. Here are 11 simple strategies to start your weight loss.

1. Get Moving With Exercise

Exercise has a beneficial effect in lowering blood glucose levels, strengthening of muscle tissues, reducing stress, improving circulation and stimulating the release of endorphin’s, which in turn influence the development of a good mood. Go hiking and you’ll burn calories while enjoying breathtaking scenery and beautiful fauna. Walking on uneven ground gets all your muscles moving. This is great because your entire body will start burning fat.

Set realistic goals so as not to get discourage during you weight loss journey.

2. Write Down Your goals

If you stop and ponder about the main reasons you want to start your weight loss journey, you will understand where your motivation is hidden. The process of shedding pounds requires discipline, which can sometimes be strained. Write down your goals and they will remind you of why you are trying to lose weight.

3. Eat Your Favorite Foods

When certain foods get completely thrown off the menu, it’s natural that to start craving for them. If you falter and reach for forbidden food (which will likely happen sooner or later) you will feel disappointed about yourself. In case you have a weakness for sweets or salty, unhealthy foods, you need to start a plan to reduce the size of your portions. With every day that goes by eat less French fries for example and eventually you won’t feel the need to add them to your meals any longer. Eating in moderation with 4-6 small meals a day will keep your metabolism active.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

When the stomach is filled with water you feel full and will eat less. It is as simple as that! People who drink two glasses of water before each meal are likely to lose more weight than those who just count calories. Apart from hydration the body and cleaning accumulated toxins, water eases the digestion; on top of everything, it has zero calories so feel free to drink as much as you can daily.

5. Prepare Your Food in Advance

Preparing food in advance is a good weight loss tactic. When you have prepared meals in the fridge all the time you won’t be tempted to eat something that doesn’t benefit you anymore. It will also eliminate the amount of time spent in the kitchen and help you eat healthier home-cooked meals. Make a weekly menu and put it on the refrigerator so you can prepare for each day.

You may find that your friends and family will be very supportive.

6. Mention Your Diet Plans to Friends and Family

Your friends and family should be familiar with the changes introduced into your diet, as well as with your goals. This will help them become more aware of what you can and can’t eat. Your friends may even want to join you in your weight loss journey.

7. Make a Vision Board

Similarly to writing down your goals, having a vision can help keep you motivated. A vision board should contain everything that acts as your incentives. It is the ally you can turn to in times of crisis. I white board in the kitchen will not only help you, but your family may try to help you.

8. Start Slow and Give Yourself Time

An attempt to change your eating habits overnight is not realistic. It usually leads to disappointment if the strict regimen you have set fails to hold. Instead, take small steps like, for example, add a salad to your lunch or replace refined oil with unrefined olive oil. When running one new step becomes a habit, then it is time to step into another.

9. Track your Weight

It is important that you keep track of your body weight. Buy yourself a scale and use it regularly; every 2 days early in the morning would be ideal. This way you will be more aware of your weight, and it will be a lot easier to monitor it. Step on the scale the same time every day. This gives you a more accurate measurement in your losing weight with protein.

Sleep like a baby and you will wake up and be ready to take on the world.

10. Sleep is Very Important

Substandard sleep slows down the metabolism and causes the body to reduce energy use. Studies have shown that people who sleep poorly have increased appetite and their body burns calories more slowly. The result is weight gain. Drink one full glass of water before sleep and one immediately after wakening.

11. Consider Dietary Supplements

Believe it or not, dietary supplements can be extremely beneficial for your weight loss plan. However, before you start a treatment you should consult with a nutritionist, or at least get to know as much as possible about that specific type of supplement. Consider the ones that are all-natural or plant-based, such as green tea supplements and Ceylon cinnamon tablets By John Smith and Supplemented.co.uk! . Protein smoothies are very good for in between meals and they help your muscles and hunger.

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