10 Surprising Weight Loss Tips

Having diet pills and weight loss treatments may be a tedious job for many people. Studies and researches show that people with issues like obesity or over weight avoid taking weight loss pill, rather look for easy natural ways to weight loss.

Moreover it is a proven fact, that following a good daily routine with proper exercise and diet provides great help for weight loss. This works better and faster than the weight loss pills; these pills for weight loss also require a good diet and exercise routine, without this they fail to show any positive effects.

Let’s have a look at some surprising and easy weight loss tips. These amazing tips will surely amaze you and you will have an urge to follow them.

Smaller Meals

There is a myth amongst people, that having 2-3 large meals per day helps weight loss but the fact is total opposite of this. Having large meals collects fats in your body. It is because large meals force the body to process high number of calories thereby affecting the body’s metabolism to a great extent.

So, it is advised to have 5 small meals a day with a calorie limit of 300-400 per sitting. Try not to have a meal after the clock hits 7:00PM in the evening, because it is very important for your body to have good digestion before going to bed. Moreover prefer having natural stuff like raw veggies over processed heavy foods.

Track Your Calories

Have a check on your calories every alternate day or at least once a week. Apart from telling weigh loss or gain, this gives you a boost for exercising and sticking on a good diet even more. Your calorie checks will keep you motivated towards maintaining a good weight.

Chocolate is Good

Most people don’t believe this but it’s a fact that chocolates also helps in weight loss. It has been discovered and studied that people who eat chocolate regularly are fit and slimmer than those who don’t have it or eat chocolate occasionally.

Moreover it is good to have a small portion of dark chocolate every day for weight loss, health and even beautiful skin. Remember, chocolate has lots of fat, so manage you chocolate intake as a small treat, and not as a meal.

Popcorn for Breakfast

Surprised!! Well this is true that popcorn is great for weight loss. Popcorn has various antioxidants for immune boosting, like fruits and veggies. But it is a healthy snack provided it is not drenched in butter, oil or sugar. Even the microwave version comes with several calories, so it is preferred to cook popcorn over a stove with a tad bit of vegetable oil, canola or olive oil consisting of monounsaturated fats.


Coffee is one more ingredient that may take you by surprise. Jumping on unroasted coffee beans can help with weight loss, by reducing the absorption of fat and glucose in your stomach.

Drink plenty water

Human body is made up of 75% water. Water naturally reduces fluid retention and helps in detoxification. Try to have at least 64oz of water each day or minimum 8 glasses.

Balance Your Workouts

Have a workout plan for effective weight loss. Your workout doesn’t need to be strenuous. Only a 30 minutes workout 5 days a week will be highly beneficial. But there must be a combination of cardio plus strength training to improve strength and tone the muscles.

Include Carb Free Protein Rich Foods in Your Meals

protein is to be added to your diet with regular exercise. As protein helps you stay energetic and fit, it even helps you with workouts. Protein also help create muscle. Your muscle uses fat for growth and energy, therefore muscle is the best fat burner in your body. Protein after exercise limits the catabolic stage in muscle growth.

Workout Partner

Workout with your buddies, by doing so your workouts will be fun and enthusiasm. This helps you lose more weight as compared to working out alone. Having someone to challenge you and push you toward your goals are excellent weight loss tips. It is also good to have a buddy to share your success with.

Eat Fruits

Fruits are the best appetite suppressant. They even curb the craving and even make you feel fuller for long. Fruits and vegetables are like free food. The calories are limited, and the fiber helps get the fat out. Drinking your fruits and veggies are a very good way to get the most nutrients out of them. Try to Juice at least once a day.

These are some amazing weight loss tips, which will help you enjoy losing weight loss. Stick to these weight loss tips and get effective weight loss naturally, without weight loss pills and treatment.

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